What is second opinion?

Second opinion verification of the existing diagnosis by another doctor.

The document consisting of several pages contains verification of the diagnosis, prescribed treatment or confirmation of the necessity of designated operation. If the diagnosis is not confirmed by a German doctor, then alternative forms of treatment, operation are offered or additional tests are recommended.

Do I need second opinion?

Mostly the need for a second opinion arises in cases where the patient has doubts about the diagnosis or the prescribed treatment or surgery.

Such a need increases with the level of danger and complexity of the disease. For instance, in many developed countries, patients diagnosed with cancer request a second opinion, to completely eliminate the possibility of mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

Even in a developed country like Germany, more than half of the designated operations can be replaced by alternative forms of therapies. This is why the patients who were recommended surgery, often request a second opinion. A second opinion of an expert from Germany always increases the accuracy of a diagnosis and allows the patient to be as confident as possible in the quality of the upcoming treatment.