Assessment of the initial diagnosis and/or proposed treatment by another doctor.
A second opinion is requested when you are not sure about the initial diagnosis, proposed treatment and surgery. A second opinion will help to answer the following questions: Is there a need for surgery? Is the proposed treatment correct? Is the diagnosis correct?
Preparing a second opinion takes up to seven working days.
On our website, we offer a second opinion from only the leading German specialists for €449.
Basic criteria for selecting our doctors are: education, work experience, scientific activities, as well as the level of patient satisfaction of those who have been treated by the given specialist. We are proud to state that on our team, we hae gathered the best specialists in Germany.
In order to request a second opinion on our website, you need to click the link Order a second opinion and fill out the application. Then you need to upload the medical documentation (initial diagnosis, medical examinations, and images) to your personal account. After payment, your application will proceed.
On our website, patients choose their doctors themselves.
Patients need to submit their medical examinations and conclusions, in which their medical history is described in detail. Often we will need laboratory analysis results, MRI imaging, tomograms, x-ray scans, ultrasonography etc. to prepare a second opinion. Keep in mind that German doctors only consider medical documentation drawn up no earlier than six months prior to treatment request. Images are accepted in the DICOM format.
GA Consulting UG (haftungsbeschränkt) accepts medical requests in Russian, English and German. Medical documentation received in Russian will be translated into German by a professional translator, and will be proofread and edited by professional editors in order to exclude the possibility of errors.
The second opinion service is paid online with MasterCard or Visa. It is also possible to make payment for the second opinion through electronic payment systems such as PayPal and Yandex.Money.
In your personal account, you will gain access to the doctor’s second opinion translated into Russian, as well as the German original conclusion.
All the text documents (anamnesis, laboratory results etc.) uploaded to our website will be checked for completeness and transferred to our professional translators. This way, only the translator, the German doctor and a member of our staff will be able to access the documentation. All of them must protect the confidentiality of the information received.
Patients have a right to revoke their order of a second opinion within 14 days. In this case, the patient will be reimbursed the amount transferred. In the case of a cancellation of an ordered service, the patient will be charged the amount already spent before the cancellation request was received. Details about the rules and consequences of service cancellation can be found in conditions.